6 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

The times when we are alone and intimate with our partner should be something to look forwards to. Something that makes us feel alive and something that lets us relax and just enjoy ourselves, but for guys with premature ejaculation who don’t know how to last longer in bed, these times that should be great can end up being just the opposite and become a constant source of stress anxiety and a feeling of inadequacy.

It’s a shame that so many guys who struggle to last in bed don’t actively seek help as often they are simply too embarrassed and ashamed about this “little secret”.  This is really unfortunate because while it may surprise you even guys with sever premature ejaculation can learn to last much longer in bed by using some relatively easy-to-learn methods. So in this post I’ll be running through 6 of the best ways to improve you lasting ability and gain a higher level of control over you ejaculatory system.

1. Breathing

It’s so simple to get this right but you know what? It really does work to make a difference straight away. You should be taking deep long breaths and don’t just start doing it when you feel you arousal rising during sex. You need to begin breathing like  this before you even start intercourse. This will make sure you’re more relaxed right from the start giving your performance a really solid base to launch from.

2. Pace yourself

The key here is those first few minutes and getting through them. Once you have done this, the probability of you lasting longer will increase rapidly, so make sure to get your technique right from the start. There’s no use hammering away on top. Your much better to use a position where you’re more relaxed and to use more grinding motions giving you more of a chance to work yourself into form.

3. Tune into your partner

So many guys with premature ejaculation make the mistake during sex of thinking and worrying about what they are doing while they forget completely to focus (both mental and physically) on your partner. If you practice this a little it will soon become second nature to you and it work in quite a surprising way to help you last longer.  By focusing on your partner what you are really doing is distracting yourself from thinking only of the sensation on your penis and you worries and anxiety about the “what ifs” of you putting in a bad performance. If you can do this well, the goal is to be able to completely loose yourself in the moment where, as the saying goes, time flies.

4. Have the right attitude

Stress and worry is not going to do you any favors when your trying to perform in bed so you need to take some steps to turn it down a notch and relax. Try to lighten up a bit, share a joke with your partner and remind yourself that if it doesn’t all work out and you climax too soon that it’s not the end of the world. And remember that as you work on the other things you will get more confident which will intern make you feel more relaxed and confident.

5. Learn some cool down methods

Whether you have premature ejaculation or not it’s a great idea to know some cool down tricks that you can implement just in case you start to lose control and find yourself hurtling towards the point of no control. Adam Davey’s excellent book on how to stop premature ejaculation, Last Longer Now has a great list of a whooping 10 separate emergency tricks and techniques that are great for cooling the system down and helping you last longer in bed.

6. Start training

Serious about you skills in bed? Well why not start seriously training to boost your stamina in bed. Most guys with premature ejaculation can start getting great results after just 4 weeks of completing a specifically designed training program. While it’s hard to find a quality sex couch in person, there are some very good guides available that cover a large range of premature ejaculation exercises techniques.